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My writing is aimed at readers looking for romance with a snap of maturity. Readers who enjoy a combination of passion, humour, and life experience. Readers who believe love never ages, and that women only grow more interesting.

My heroines always need to find themselves. They're either leaving a marriage, already divorced, widowed, have children, or maybe even grandchildren. To be blunt, they have been around the block. Despite their bodies having seen better days, they still have a sense of style. However, they're more likely to be found in jeans and sweatshirts rather than bikinis or seductive dresses. Because they have a life to live.

They are the epitome of a tested resilience. Bringing creativity, courage, and the ongoing renewal needed to embrace this new stage of their lives. They begin to focus on their inner self, on who they were meant to be, and what purpose they have. 

And, though they're striving for independence, they still hope to find someone to share their life with.

My heroes are also older and still sexy. Think Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks, Gerald Butler, Matthew McConaughey, Bradley Cooper, Harrison Ford, Rob Lowe ... The list is endless, but, I hope you get my drift!

I guess mostly I write about rediscovery and reinvention. After all, it’s not easy to take the steps needed to make yourself feel relevant. When women do it, we’re judged when, really, we’re just trying to carve our niche in the world.

So, I raise a glass to all the flawed and fabulous women over forty — my books are for you.

May your heart be kind, your mind fierce, and your spirit brave.


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