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Hi, I'm Susie, and thanks for visiting my site. This is where I share news about my work in progress, plus reviews of the books I've read. If you'd like to join me on my writing journey, follow on     

Who Am I?

I've come to writing later than most, and earlier than some. A fair bit of my time is spent in Italy, Tuscany to be exact, and this was the inspiration for my first novel. I like to believe there's always a happy ever after — I think we all deserve it.

What I Love ...

Writing is my passion, with reading, chocolate, baking, travelling, and photography all coming a close second. Buying shoes is my secret pleasure. However, most important, my family are my world. 

My Books ...

All my stories feature second relationships. While love is a beautiful thing, sometimes it's actually better the second time around — it makes you brave, and gives you hope. I also like to drop a touch of darkness into my stories, because that's my way.

My debut novel

Sara is a woman striving to live, rather than exist. With the last five years of her marriage blighted by guilt and heartache, she books a holiday in Tuscany. She hopes that the beautiful Villa Anna, along with the company of a few friends, will help paper over the cracks in her relationship.

But, her husband, Marcus, has demons of his own. And forgiveness has never been one of his virtues.

When the guests start to arrive, the tension rises. However, fate decides to smile on Sara, offering her a reprieve ... and an escape. 

Will she take it?

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